Park Royal South Shopping Centre Renovation

The original (south) portion of this landmark shopping centre underwent a major renovation of its interior spaces and exterior features in 2014-15.  New lighting solutions contributed to the overall success of the project, particularly in the enhancement of the customer experience.  

High Street Abbotsford

Major new retail street scape type development east of Vancouver in the rapidly growing Fraser Valley region.   The design is crisp, minimal, anything but rustic. Architects: MCMP Architects

Cantu Bath and Hardware

A new showroom, vast in scale, for Vancouver’s leading provider of decorative plumbing and hardware. Architects: Public

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts in Burnaby BC is the main Canadian campus of the successful California based game developer. Architects:  MCMP Architects, Interior Designer: MCMI Interiors

Clark Wilson

Clark Wilson Law Offices, Vancouver, BC  Major office renovation Interior Designer: Kasian